How to Check Battery Health in Android

  • Most people consider battery life, but what about battery health? This is vital for the long-term usability of your phone.
  • Android devices lack a super-easy method to check this, in contrast to the iPhone.
  • What exactly is a healthy battery? The length of time a battery will hold a charge is often referred to as “battery life” The battery’s health reveals how much it is deteriorating.
  • The battery will perform worse discharge more quickly, become warm, etc. if its health is low.
  • Knowing how to check the health of an Android battery could be really helpful in extending the lifespan of a beloved Android device. Replacement batteries and devices can be expensive, so knowing how well the cell in your phone or tablet is functioning is a critical piece of knowledge to have.
  • As you charge and discharge a battery, it naturally deteriorates over time in mobile devices. By looking at which apps use your battery the most or installing specialized apps that provide you with more detailed information, you can see how this gradually affects your device.

Here's how to check the condition of your Android battery.

From the mobile settings menu

You should be able to check the battery level on any modern Android device using this method, even though the wording of some of these options may vary. Nevertheless, the level of intricacy will vary depending on who produced your phone.

  • Select Battery from the Settings app on your phone. The top tier menu should make it simple to locate this choice, but you can also use the search bar at the top of the page to find it.
  • If the information you need isn’t immediately apparent once you’re in the Battery area, check for an option such Battery usage.
  • You can view your battery status for the previous 24 hours as well as the apps that have been consuming the most power here.
  • Tap one of the apps in this menu to force an app to close or to completely disable it. The choice to disable, force stop, or select an optimization setting will then appear.

Using a Dial Code

By entering specific sequences of digits, hashes, and asterisks into the call pad in the Phone app, Android phones’ hidden diagnostic menus can be accessed.

There are several of these that go to different menus, but we’ll concentrate on the one that has to do with batteries. Simply be understanding if your phone doesn’t show battery information.

  • Open the Phone app on your phone and use the dial pad. Please enter the code *#*#4636#*#*.
  • Your phone ought to direct you to the next option when you enter the final “*”
  • Now check for information relating to batteries. You are regrettably shut out of this approach if it doesn’t display. If so, choosing it will display details like the charge level, health, and temperature.
  • On the Xiaomi, Google, and OnePlus devices we tried, the dial code method worked, but none provided the battery information we required. When the code was entered, the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G did not display this menu. There is a solution down below.

How to Check Android Battery Health for Samsung Phone/Mobile?

In the event that the dialing code wasn’t successful, Samsung provides a battery health check through its Samsung Members app, which comes pre-installed on all of its smartphones.

  •  The Get Help tab may be found at the bottom of Samsung Members app on screen.
  • Select the Interactive checks option towards the top of the new menu.
  •  From this list of features, select Battery. This option is already checked on our phone because we confirmed the step before taking the screen capture, so yours may not look the same.
  • Now you can check how the Samsung Members app rates your phone’s battery life.

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